Gum disease: treatment of folk remedies

MaskAlready with the pharmacy medicine to relieve gum disease or preventing it, you can use a men's means, 1st of all it's various broths rinse:Sage leaves and oak bark (1:1);Thyme;Chamomile;Oak bark, St. John's wort, yarrow (1:1:1);St. John's wort, yarrow, series, sage (1:1:1:1).Decoctions of several components to correct prepare as follows: very dry shredded plants pour boiling water at the rate of 400 ml for any 2 soup spoon of a collection, and then bring a mix to a seethe and seethe for five minutes. Then allow to cool to placement temperature, and then obtained bisque rinse mouth several times per day. Chamomile does not demand boiling, it simply pour stewing aqua at a rate of a glass of water 4 spoon of flowers, let it stand for 20 minutes, then strain. Apply alone in the shape of warmth to five minutes daily.Oak bark (50 g per two cups of water) contrary to thirty min to simmer, then cooled boiled water, bring to the original amount. Rinsing may be cold and to 8 times per time.If the mitt is no grass, rinse with a decision of baking kefir will also keep an antibacterial capacity.Similar posts:Cover Face care in winterCover Face care folk remediesCover Face care and body during gestation.

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