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Deksalgin - pills for toothache

CoverDeksalgin toothache may stay within Thirty minutes of the administration, and is effective size 5 hours. For highly severe pain it does not apply, and is contraindicated in the elderly, infants, pregnant women, men with diseases of a stomach and asthma sufferers. This medicine may cause allergies.Similar articles:Cover Facials and masks in 20 yearsMask Face after cleaningMask Masks and skin care permanently. . . .

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Brushing your teeth to the heartiness

CoverAs so do you brush a teeth? If no problems, so just clean them fine however it should be - in a first and evening, and at night it is indispensable to do a good. We, on a contrary, polish your teeth in a right when you possess to go to work and be nice, and in the evening we clean hit or miss (and occasionally forget), and Buchan's sleep, as a force is only enough to have to bed. Bacteria also keep accumulated for the time, do not go to sleep - you are all night feasting and multiply actively, managing to bring a teeth in a right much of damage - and this has happened repeatedly.Rightly chosen toothbrush should be slightly convex, with a prominent relief bristles and should not be too soft, but tough, too: it must be tough enough to prevent a formation of plaque and tartar. If a gums are sensitive, and a enamel of a teeth is damaged, you can buy a child brushing and seriously address a dental therapy, contact a person: enamel need be in ordering.Replace a brushing should be no less than once every 3 months - if you brushing your teeth three minutes per day, but if you limit brushing teeth in the right and evening, it is potential and every 5 weeks, although it is better to ofttimes. Sanitize the toothbrush does not hurt: it may be washed in a decision of salt or hydrogen peroxide, as right however to keep out of direct sunlight - a bacteria do not survive.Similar posts:Cover Face care combination skinCover Skin care black spotsCover Face care permanently. .

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Folk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums

CoverFolk remedies to strengthen teeth and gums much, however you can always choose a rightly and apply them at home.Regular sol is able to eliminate the unpleasant tasting, odor - even in smokers, and to strengthen the gums and teeth. It is required to prepare a solution - 1 des.l. Saline in a glass of h2o and rinse their mouths at night.Strengthens a gums and teeth powderise peel eggplant. Peel must be desiccated in a oven, mash with a fork in a coffee grinder, add to 1 tbsp a resulting powderise glass of stewing water for a while, drain and throw in saline - 1 teaspoon This line-up some minutes every day, rinse a mouth.Oak bark has long been known among the men how a means of terminating the bleeding of the gums. Bark (TWO parts) and lime color (1 part) is mixed, pour 1 teaspoonful mix of a glass of boiled aqua, cooled and filtered. Rinse your mouth TWO-3 times every day.In gingivitis and bad breath alcohol tincture of St.

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Fine teeth - healthy teeth

CoverGreat teeth - is now a required attribute for a successful contemporary man. To keep the teeth longer remain nice and healthy learn How to look after for them. Dental attention is composed of 2 components: a daily home attention and regular visits to the dental office.Daily home leavingThe main thing regularity. Brushing the teeth need be each day twice daily at least, and preferably of the any meal prima. The process for cleaning a teeth need finish no less than 3 min. Do not forget to go done all a approachable surfaces of the teeth.

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However to brushing his teeth, toothpaste

MaskAnd now the toothpaste - what is it for? It is understood that a pastes contain limited substances that enhance a impact of the toothbrush, destroying bacteria and protect a tooth enamel, and most pastes comprise abrasives and foaming agents. The paste must choose a suitable, like a brush, if a teeth are sensitive, do not put abrasive paste - pick pasta with strontium chloride or potassium.Similar articles:Mask Masks and face care any timeCover Facials and masks combination facial skinMask Masks for fase aging body 40 years. . . . .

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